Production Shop

Production Injection Molding Shop

With the prime focus on Quality, Cost and On Time Delivery, Chippewa Plastics accomplishes these virtues through its meticulously planned manufacturing set-up. The manufacturing unit is equipped with the state of the art Plastic Injection Molding Machines from 25 Ton to 1000 Ton and a 2-shot 600 ton Engel machine, along with auxiliary equipment required for Precision Molding like Hot Runner Temperature Controllers, Dehumidifiers, Driers and Auto Loaders.

The work force comprises of skilled and semiskilled workers, technicians and experienced team of engineers and managers.

The Plastic materials processed range from LDPE, HDPE, PP( plain and filled), HIPS, ABS, Nylon 6 & 66( plain and filled), POM, PBT, Polycarbonate and High Heat Engineering plastics(PEEK & PPS) TPE,TPU,PVC.

List of production equipment